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The Most Effective Dog Fence System in the Richmond Area
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katie 300x275 Katie Dog (Australian Shepard) on the Contain A Pet fence system

Katie Dog

I want to thank you and let you know how very pleased we are with our new Contain-A-Pet electronic dog fence system.

Katie had never had a fence and lived inside with her Mama and Daddy Dog people in Ashland, VA. At a year old, she needed full access to our 3 acres to explore running rabbits and deer. We did extensive research on companies and are so pleased with your work, the quality of the product, other references and you and your staff. The installation was impeccable and if we did not have the flags, we might not have known you we even here. We are so pleased with your continual support and care of our Katie. We made the right decision to go with Contain-A-Pet and Katie has adjusted quickly to the fence thanks to your training and her desire not to be buzzed :-).

We definitely recommend Contain-A-Pet electric dog fence system to anyone and everyone. In this era of outsourcing and no customer service for products, it is so refreshing to see a company that is concerned about customers and their satisfaction (whether 2 legged or 4 legged customers). Thanks for being so thorough, professional,knowledgeable and mannerly. It has been my pleasure to have you help us make sure Katie is safe and is enjoying the outdoors..


Judy and Charlie Sledd and of course, Katie Dog

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Pet Expo is a unique indoor event where you can bring your pet to enjoy a day of fun and excitement with the whole family! All proceeds benefit Henrico Humane Society! Over 90 exhibitors that sell animal-related goods and services will be on hand, plus many animal rescue groups. Activities are scheduled throughout the day, many of which you can do with your pet! Admission Admission $10 for adults $5 for children 2-12 Free for children under 2 *Additional charges for some activities. Attractions Pet participation encouraged for: • Agility Course ($2) • Puppy Races (for puppies 4-10 months old) • Dog Contests ($2 per entry or 6 for $10) • Dog Fashion Show • Caricature Drawings Ongoing attractions and events throughout the day: • Petting Zoo ($1) • Henrico Humane Society Dog Adoptions • Silent Auction Contest Info: Contests will be held twice during the Pet Expo – once at 12:00 pm and again at 2:30 pm. Contests categories will be (in the order that they will be held): • Frosty Paws Eating • Prettiest Eyes • Unusual Breed • Best Kisser • Best Costume Prizes will be awarded for 1st, 2nd and 3rd Place. Tickets are $2 per entry and can be purchased 1 hour before contests start at the Ticket Table adjacent to the Main Ring.

Date: 02/20/2010
Time: 10:00 am – 04:00 pm
Location: The Showplace in Mechanicsville
Address: 3000 Mechanicsville Turnkpike
Richmond, Virginia 23111

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d13 06 0290 dd 300x271 Puppy Fence Buyers Read This FirstIt has come to our attention that there is a fence company that is trying to sell an invisible type puppy fence to puppy owners for puppies from eight to twelve weeks of age.

If you love your dog, please do not do this!!

Your puppy can be psychologically effected if you allow this to happen. Behavior research has shown that every puppy goes through a “fear imprint” stage from 6 to 16 weeks of age. Anything that can mentally effect them during this period can psychologically damage them for life.

  • This can mean making a puppy into a fearful, shy and timid dog as it grows older.
  • This can result in a house trained dog to begin using the bathroom throughout your house.
  • Or this can mean that your dog can grow up to be aggressive towards other animals or other people.

Why take this chance if it is not necessary?  Have you ever considered that at 8 – 12 weeks a puppy is no more than just a baby?

People or companies that would do this know absolutely nothing about dog behavior.  This is cruel and unusual treatment of a puppy.  Now you understand why some people think electronic underground fencing is harmful to pets (which it isn’t if done properly).

If you choose to invest in an underground puppy fence with another company … that is your choice. Please do not put your puppy on the dog containment system at this age. Ask any veterinarian or dog behaviorist or real dog trainer what they think.  I trust that they will concur with our comments.

If you want to give me a call, I will be happy to answer any questions you may have … from puppies to dog training and fencing in the Richmond and Fredericksburg areas.  Those of you who know me know that dog’s are my life.  I am a professional trainer.  I am the loccal Contain-A-Pet Dealer.  I promise you I will never steer you wrong.  Life is too short … and too precious.

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We just want to say thanks…the electric dog fence is working great!

We were originally going to install a chain link fence which would have required gates to get in and out of the driveway.  What a pain that would have been!!  We went online and found out about Contain-A-Pet.  They came out the very next day and have been there when we needed them ever since…and always on time!  The customer service has been awesome.  The training and conditioning was easy and our Jack Russell Terrier has not wandered to the street or the neighbors’ yards since the day the electric dog fence was installed.  We just had the worst snow storm our city (Mechanicsville, VA) has seen in over 10 years.  It sure was nice not having to put on a coat, scarf and boots to retrieve Jack from three doors down.  We just let him out to play in the snow and he loved it.  I would recommend Contain-A-Pet to anyone who wants to keep their pets safe.

William & Netti Gathright – Mechanicsville , VA

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We had our Richmond Fence installed by Contain A Pet. Contain-A-Pet did exactly what they said they would do , exactly when they said they would do it.

From the very start we were impressed by the professionalism, promptness,and courtesy with which we were treated while installing our dog containment system.  They answered any and all questions we had patiently and completely.  Their follow up service has been outstanding!  We feel confident that any questions or concerns that may arise will be taken care of immediately.

We do not hesitate to recommend Contain A Pet to anyone.Thanks again!

Sincerely, Bryan Harris,  Jill E. Ryland MD and Buddy

richmond fence buddy Buddy and Contain A Pet of Richmond


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Dog Yard Fence – Charlie and Puppy

This is a picture of Charlie and puppy on their dog yard fence.  As you can see, by our dogs’ owner’s comments, the dogs and their family are happy they are contained by their local Contain-A-Pet Richmond Fence Dealer.

dogs yard 300x199 Dog Yard Fence   Charlie And Puppy

The Dog's Yard - Safe and Happy


Thank you for installing the dog fence on the property. I was literally shocked at how quickly Charlie learned not to even test the boundary, must be that dog training experience you all have! He used to stay pretty close by us in the yard but then run anytime another dog would walk by, now he just jogs towards the edge of the yard and if the owner wants them to play will bring the other dog inside and Charlie is still safe. Even our puppy has learned not to go out of the yard just by observing Charlie. I’m also happy that if we forget to put the collar on, he doesn’t run out either. It has been a big relief not to have to watch him every second and also to be able to let the two of them have room to run and play. Thanks for getting it put in so quickly, I wasn’t expecting to have the electric dog fence completed within the same week that I called! Attached are pictures of the two babies enjoying their freedom!

Brady Lynn Zizzo
Regional Director
Sylvan Learning Centers
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