Meet Mike Ramkey, Contain-A-Pet client, lifelong dog owner, professional dog trainer, and owner of Richmond’s Contain-A-Pet Dealership.

Being a lifelong dog owner and a Contain-A-Pet customer, and knowing personally how well the electronic pet containment system works in providing a safe and secure environment for his family dogs, Mike jumped at the opportunity to take over the Contain-A-Pet dealership to provide affordable solutions for the dogs and cat owners of the Richmond and surrounding counties.

Contain-A-Pet was founded by dog training and behavior professionals back in 1995. They understand how to best train a dog so that it can run safely and happily in their yard, and they will only allow dog professionals to become a part of their company.

Mike is a graduate of Avertt University in Business Administration. He has also been certified as a Professional Dog Trainer from the Pawsitively Dog Training program in Milford, Massachusetts.

Not all dogs are alike and they have different personalities and issues just like humans. One of the main reasons people give up their dogs is because of a dogs bad behavior, obedience and because their owners do not know how to handle them. People don’t know how to be their dogs leader. The Pack Leader. Dogs are pack animals, and their owners are their pack and they need guidance from their pack to have a safe, happy and healthy life. Without that structure and guidance they become uncontrollable and will not listen!

Mike is committed to providing the most effective and convenient solutions to his clients dog training needs. He believes in training with positive re-enforcement and an atmosphere where both owners and dogs are learning and having a good time. From teaching dogs to respect the human leader, helping to create a relationship built on trust and respect, makes living with their best friends enjoyable. Your dog needs a leader and by teaching your dog that you are the leader then he will look to you for protection, food and guidance. Once your dog feels safe and secure in his environment and with you as his pack leader then you will have a dog that responds positively with you and with less behavioral problems.

Watch for our Richmond Fence ads in the Richmond Dog Community. We will strive to be your pet’s best friend. Give Mike a call and let Contain-A-Pet of Richmond’s professional dog fence service prove ourselves to you. We promise to be professional and we will never pressure or hard sell you in any way.


Call Mike today at 804-639-6243. Your pet will thank you!